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How whistleblowers with security clearance are protected

On Behalf of | Oct 1, 2021 | Whistleblower Claims

Individuals who obtain security clearance work at the highest levels of national and international organizations. They handle top-secret information, such as military secrets and government policies, that cannot be read by general members of the public. Employees with security clearance in Hawaii need whistleblower protections for when they expose wrongdoing at all levels of government.

The importance of protecting security clearance

A security clearance gives a person special access to confidential information that will compromise national security if it’s released. Employees who are provided with security clearance have undergone several background checks. They are proven to be trustworthy individuals with high levels of integrity and honesty. It is their professional duty to report any wrongdoing that occurs in their workplace, which could jeopardize the safety of millions of U.S. residents.

Whistleblower protections for top-level employees

The most important protection offered to whistleblowers who have security clearance is they cannot be fired or demoted for their actions. They have the right to retain their current job positions and continue working at their present place of employment.

Whistleblowers also are entitled to their privacy and confidentiality. An employer or government agency cannot reveal a whistleblower’s identity to the public for the purpose of causing retaliation. A whistleblower cannot be exposed or branded as a troublemaker who is determined to destroy certain individuals or businesses. Overall, employees with security clearance are required to report wrongdoing, and their actions must be protected by federal laws.

How important is it to protect whistleblowers?

Protecting national security includes protecting people who expose the undermining of national security. Employees with security clearance must be reassured that they will not be punished for exposing actions that could jeopardize the nation’s security. They need special whistleblower protections that are set by government policies and by federal laws.