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Protect Your Income With An Employee Rights Attorney

You work hard at your job. In exchange, you deserve to receive the full compensation that you have rightfully earned. When an employer knowingly or unknowingly withholds your income, you have the right to hold them accountable with legal action to recover the compensation you deserve.

My name is Rod Bridgers of the Law Office of Rod Bridgers, LLLC, and I have been an employment law attorney for more than 38 years. In those decades, I have been proud to provide the Hawaii community with the representation that they need to succeed in their legal matters. I have an in-depth knowledge of wage and hour issues and how to settle these matters swiftly and efficiently.

A Record Of Success: One of my hour and wage dispute judgements secured more than $200 million for my client. Throughout my career, I have been involved in more than $1 billion worth of settlements and verdicts.

Understanding Wage And Hour Issues

There are many ways that an employer can wrongfully withhold your deserved income. Common examples of this include:

  • Overtime issues that come from either moving overtime hours into the next week or not properly paying for the overtime that an employee worked (which should be 1.5 times your hourly pay for any time worked beyond the first 40 hours)
  • Work break issues that come from not receiving the breaks to which the law entitles you, such as mandatory breaks
  • Improper distribution of tips
  • Delayed or withheld paychecks

Regardless of the type of wage or hour law you’re experiencing, make sure you partner with an experienced employment law attorney to protect your financial stability.

Fight For Your Money

If you do not think that you’ve been fairly compensated for your work, trust an attorney to whom Hawaii turns for help. Contact my office by calling 808-796-5650 or emailing me here. Early action is key, so act today to protect your tomorrow.