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The Law Office of Rod Bridgers, LLLC: Where Hawaii Comes For Help

I am attorney Rod Bridgers, a Honolulu native who provides fellow Hawaii residents the trusted employment law and personal injury support they need. I’ve felt honored to serve the greater Hawaii Island community with capable legal counsel since 2005. My firm is grounded in the local culture and values, and I’m proud to support my neighbors and friends.

Since I began practicing law in 1982, I have the experience and dedication to help you overcome complex legal challenges, particularly in employment law matters. Throughout my 40-plus-year career, I have had the opportunity to secure more than a billion dollars in settlements and verdicts for my clients, including a 200-plus million-dollar judgment for a class action lawsuit.

Visit my attorney bio page to learn more about my background:

Rodney P. Bridgers

Have more questions about how I can help you? Call my office today at 808-796-5650.

How I Can Help You With Your Employment And Personal Injury Matters

A few of the cases I handle include:

  • Employment discrimination: Do you think you’re facing unfair treatment because of your race, gender, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, pregnancy status, religion, disability or other protected class? You may have a claim.
  • Employer retaliation: Is your employer reprimanding you for calling out illegal or toxic practices? You have rights that shield you against these behaviors. I can help you uphold those rights.
  • Sexual harassment: Are you a victim of quid pro quo or a hostile work environment? Is a coworker or manager making unwanted sexual advances? Talk to me before you talk to HR.
  • Wage and hour disputes: Do you have reason to believe you’re not getting paid overtime or aren’t getting all of your tips? I can help you determine if your employer is violating wage laws.
  • Whistleblower claims: Were you fired for questioning illegal or unethical employer conduct? I can help you understand and defend your rights as a whistleblower.
  • Wrongful termination: Were you fired for an illegal reason? I can help you determine if you were, and if so, I can help you hold your employer accountable.

Personal Attention For Every Client

As a solo practitioner, I work closely with each client throughout their case. Unlike some larger firms, your case will never be passed off to another member of the firm’s staff. You are guaranteed my undivided attention and trial-tested knowledge. If you have questions about the progress of your case, I encourage communication so you have the information you need.

I have worked at larger law firms and have litigated cases in courts across the United States. This experience has allowed me to evaluate each case from a wider lens and craft more intelligent, robust strategies.

Approaching Cases With The End Result In Mind

You hire an attorney to secure results. When you work with me, we will discuss your case goals to ensure we are working towards the same result. Before deciding your case strategy, we will always discuss your options and possible outcomes.

I aim to resolve each case as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. While I always first look to settle a claim, I will not hesitate to take cases to trial if the other party refuses to negotiate favorably. An accomplished litigator, I was a finalist for the Justice Foundation’s Trial Lawyer of the Year award.

Schedule An Initial Case Consultation

Located in Honolulu, I serve clients across the Islands. Contact my office online or call the Law Office of Rod Bridgers, LLLC at 808-796-5650 to schedule an initial case consultation. Whether you face an employment law dispute or a severe injury, I encourage you to address your legal concerns immediately.