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Have you experienced age discrimination at the hiring level?

On Behalf of | Sep 8, 2021 | Employment Discrimination

If you’ve faced discrimination at the hiring level because of your age in Hawaii, don’t get discouraged. Unfortunately, many people don’t even realize they are discriminating against others until someone points it out to them. This article contains some information you need about age discrimination and what to do if you experience it while trying to get a job.

How age discrimination happens during the hiring process

One common way that discrimination can happen during the hiring process is when job applicants are not allowed to take part in an interview if they’re over a certain age. This discrimination happens because some people think that older workers cannot do a good job or that younger employees will be able to work harder than someone closer to retirement age. In some cases, the hiring team might assume that you are more likely to want time off for family reasons because of your age and therefore deem you unfit for the job.

Another way that discrimination can happen during the hiring process is when an interviewer uses ageist stereotypes to judge whether or not someone would make a good employee. For example, they assume that older people are less adaptable than younger workers or that they will have trouble understanding new technology.

What should you do if you experience age discrimination while applying for a job?

If you get discriminated against when trying to get a job, do not think of yourself as being weak or inferior because someone thinks less of your age group. Instead, try to understand what they might be thinking and why. Second, write down everything you can remember from the discrimination incident. Next, make a complaint about it to someone who has authority in the company or someone at a higher level of management. If they do not respond favorably to your claim, there are legal options that you may choose to undertake.

Getting discriminated against during the hiring process because of your age can be discouraging. It’s important to know that discrimination of this kind is against the law, and you can do something about it when it happens to you.