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LGBTQ work discrimination

On Behalf of | Apr 1, 2021 | Employment Discrimination

Emerging research examining the discrimination that young people encounter in the workplace reveals that there is a significant divide between LGBTQ youth and their cisgender and straight counterparts. The gap suggests that there is an overwhelming need for more employers in Hawaii and other U.S. states to develop inclusive hiring tactics and create work spaces that are more supportive.

The Trevor Project research

Researchers from The Trevor Project, a national organization offering suicide prevention and crisis intervention for gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual, queer and questioning individuals under the age of 25, explored data from a 2020 National Survey on mental health in the LGBTQ community. Researchers wanted to know how these young people experienced discrimination in the workplace. The results indicated that even though the Bostock v. Clayton County ruling and an executive order from President Joe Biden were steps in the right direction, companies still have work to do when it comes to creating workplaces that are inclusive.

Studies also show that LGBTQ Americans who are marginalized in other ways are the most affected by discrimination. For example, nonbinary young people are two times more likely to encounter discrimination than cisgender gay men.

Which groups experience the most discrimination?

In the national survey, Alaskan Native and American Indian youth were twice as likely to report LGBTQ workplace discrimination compared to their white counterparts. The Trevor Project offers additional information on bias as it relates to ethnicity and race.

Only 36% of LGBTQ youth stated that their place of work was LGBTQ-supportive and affirming. This indicates that most LGBTQ employees work at a company where they do not feel completely comfortable.

An experienced lawyer may assist LGBTQ workers who have experienced discrimination at their place of employment. The lawyer may carefully review the case to ensure clients receive proper compensation for the illegal discrimination.