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Can you be fired in Hawaii for filing a complaint about your boss?

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2022 | Wrongful Termination

If you find yourself in a toxic work environment, you may feel compelled to file a complaint about a boss that is contributing to the problem. It would be no surprise if you felt an underlying fear of retaliation if you were to do so.

You can take steps toward protecting your employment rights by learning about laws relating to whether or not your company can fire you in Hawaii for making an official complaint about your boss.

Will your employer retaliate against you?

Filing a complaint is an act that is under the protection of Hawaii whistleblower law. An employer may not retaliate against the disclosure of information that illegal activity or abuse of authority is occurring in the workplace. This means that your boss may not fire you or otherwise discriminate against you as a result of filing a complaint.

What should you do if you are wrongfully terminated?

An employer that fires a worker in retaliation to a complaint is committing wrongful termination. In the event that you experience termination under such circumstances, you may have a strong case for a wrongful termination claim. Keep correspondence and other evidence related to your employer’s retaliation so that you can increase your chances of receiving the appropriate compensation.

Workplace retaliation is a serious issue that calls for strong legal action. If your boss fires you or otherwise threatens you for filing a complaint, an attorney with a background in employment law will be a powerful asset to have on your side.