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Sexual harassment suit at Fox Nation

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2021 | Sexual Harassment

Fox Nation is the most recent entity shaken to its core by a sexual harassment suit filed by commentator Britt McHenry. McHenry, who Hawaii viewers recognize from her time at ESPN and Fox News, claims that George Murdoch, another commentator on Fox Nation, sent her inappropriate messages and that Fox News’ parent organization allowed the behavior to continue. The filings have already made their way to a federal judge.

McHenry’s claim against Murdoch

McHenry has provided evidence that George Murdoch, a former professional wrestler who performed under the name “Tyrus,” sent her sexually charged messages and even propositioned her for sex. A federal judge who reviewed these messages acknowledged that they were sexual in nature even though they were clumsy and awkward.

McHenry’s claim against Fox Corp.

As is often the case in such suits, McHenry also filed a claim against Fox Corp., the parent company of Fox News, in addition to some of the executives who worked there. The same federal judge who upheld the claims against Murdoch dismissed the claims filed against Fox, ruling that the company did not allow or encourage Murdoch’s alleged behavior.

Murdoch’s claims about the messages

George Murdoch insists that the messages were not unwanted and that McHenry cultivated the messages that he sent to her. However, upon reviewing the messages that McHenry sent to Murdoch, the federal judge ruled that she did nothing to encourage the messages that she received from Murdoch.

The fallout

McHenry has also filed claims regarding alleged retaliation from Murdoch. In those claims, McHenry cited Murdoch’s behavior during on-screen interviews in which he lashed out at her in front of guests. Murdoch sought to have these claims dismissed, but the judge also refused this request.

Anyone who is the victim of sexual harassment at work should follow the steps that Britt McHenry took and file legal claims against both the aggressor and the company he or she works for. Working with an attorney who is well-versed in sexual harassment suits can ensure that you get the financial compensation owed to you.